May 20, 2010

there goes the weekend

In the army we have this little acronym called CQ which stands for "Charge of Quarters" meaning the person on "CQ" duty at night is in charge of the barracks or building for a 24 hour period. I wouldn't mind my husband having this duty if he had it sometime though out the week but when he has it on a Friday or Saturday it REALLY throws a wrench into our weekend plans.

This weekend we have a baseball game, senior prom and I wanted to have a "date night" just hubby and I. Now thanks to CQ our weekend has been RUINED. As it was last weekend.  

My husband is walking zombie when he gets home from pulling CQ. He attempts to stay up as long as his body allows him but we definitely can't plan something for that day. I was also planning a trip to the Dinosaur Park and Pizza Hut but looks like that might not get to happen either.

Just another[perk]of living this military lifestyle............NEVER having your husband home!


Sarcastic Sarah said...

BLAH to CQ!! This month Pat has had it EVERY FRIDAY!! So he leaves Friday Morning, and I don't see him till Saturday Morning! It is SOOO frustrating!!! Just when you think you can get back into a normal kida life, CQ rears his ugly head! BLAH!

Jen said...

ugh...god do i know how u feel, for us this weekend we wanted to do something friday night and my hubbys retarded unit decided nope they r going to play paintball to 8pm and he was dead tired just from working all day so ya we did squat!!! grrr i reallly reallly hate that and i think tehy do it on purpose, like for real, y couldnt they of done it during the week, or in ur case its like y do they have the married with kids guys do cq on the weekends?? y not have a single soldier do it, that way he is safe and not drinking himself crazy ya know, anyways i feel ur pain hehe