September 10, 2012

Framed Family Last Name

For this project you will need:
as many frames as your last name 
2 foam boards or one cut in half
*depending on how long your last name is*
exacto knife
scrap paper of your choice
card stock
hot glue gun
picture hangers

took 10 Dollar store picture frames

 removed the stands off the back

 just pull them off, they come off very easily

 line them up on 2 foam boards, also bought at the Dollar store

draw a straight line and cut it

 now you have a backing for your frames to get glued on

 lined up the frames with the foam board to make sure everything was even and straight

 cut out 6 x 4 scrap paper using my Cricut

 also cut out 3 1/2 inch letters with card stock...inked the cream letter with black ink

 add the letter to each paper and put into frame, then hot glue the frames to the foam board, I used 3 picture hangers which I added to the back--->wallah you just made your family name for under 15 bucks :)

 close up the framed letters

 here it sits on my wall, on my husbands side of our living room

 love how it turned out!

 Happy Crafting :)


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