September 20, 2012

Go ahead make my day...

[back dated April 2nd 2007]There is a tug of war going on between Bush and Congress on who will be the last man standing on the Iraq War debate. While Bush is asking for another 96 BILLION in new money for Iraq and Afghanistan. I find it mind boggling why their is even a fight on this matter. Bush should sign the bill proposed for a pull-out date and let our troops come home. With troops now being extended *cough* again and again and troops getting deployed early to "help" combat the flair ups doesn't Bush see their is NO VICTORY in Iraq. Does Bush not realize that America is getting fed up with this administration and their distasteful tactics in Iraq. I guess it is going to take a slap on his face to make Bush finally wake-up and see that nobody is supporting him and his war.  I will proudly sit by and support/encourage anything brought to the table by Congress to cut off funding Iraq and bring our troops home. And before I get 100+ emails about how cutting off funding will lead to our troops not having what they need to fight in Iraq-THEY ALREADY DON'T HAVE WHAT THEY NEED TO FIGHT IN IRAQ!
So please come at me with a different stance then that-Thank you.

Like many other wives and parents I will be anxiously awaiting to see what happens with this new push from Congress to get a withdrawal date and FINALLY bring our troops home. It is sort of like taunting a child with a new toy. Saying here have this toy and then ripping it out their hands and saying nah I was kidding. Then handing it to them again and saying OK here you go you can have this toy. Then ripping it from them again and saying just kidding. You would find that a little cruel wouldn't you? Well that is how I and many other wives feel about what Bush and Congress do with our soldiers and their lives. It is a life of pure turmoil and hell for our soldiers and for us back at home actually supporting the troops.
And no supporting our troops is not slapping a fucking yellow ribbon on your car and driving around saying I support our troops. That is a lame ass way to show you support them, a easy way for you to think your supporting them. But then just carry on with you day to day life not worried about if a soldier returns home to his wife and child. Or comes home half mangled and can not work anymore. Will you then support this soldier and his family? Things to think about when words like I support the troops come out your mouth. And while you sit there and maybe get mad that in the same breath I type this I am according to you bashing the troops do not forget I am here on the home front lines doing the actual supporting. Like I have mentioned time and time again, you can honestly NOT SUPPORT the Iraq war but SUPPORT the troops. Please feel free to click on the button on my side bar and read how this can be done.

I can only hope and pray that this will be the finale deployment to Iraq for my soldier. That when he deploys this year we find out the troops are coming home in 2008. And we don't have to worry about him going back.

Ok I said more then I wanted to. But heck these are my thoughts and my feelings right. And that is why I have this blog for 4 years now.

Thank you for kindly gracing my page. If I got you a little upset, ask yourself why? And if I got you excited ask yourself why?

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