November 26, 2013

12 days of Coookies

Making a list and checking it twice. Time to start preparing my 12 days of cookies shopping list. I'll walk into the commissary grab my shopping cart and fill the entire basket with nothing but items to bake cookies. Ok ok I will also grab 8-10 boxes of graham crackers to do our gingergraham houses{{that is fun fun fun}}Slowly the kids have been only doing a few days of the 12 days of baking with me but it's ok--->it's TRADITION to do this every year and this mama has kept it going and plans to do so for years to come! Crank up the Christmas music, put the aprons on, pre-heat the oven and get to baking. I don't always make the same 12 cookies every year. I like to switch it up. We have a few family favorites I always make but any cookie could show up on my list. I'd better get cracking and whip up my list. I have a few new cookies I want to try this year. Looks like my co-workers will be getting some cookie samples for 12 days.


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