December 2, 2013

12 days of Cookies

December is finally here & you know what that means 12 days of Cookies & 12 days of Christmas Crafts! I will post the recipe to each cookie and craft daily once I have finished them so please---> 

come back daily during my 12 days of cookies{{kicks off Dec 12th }}to get that recipe of the day!

Day 1  *Snicker-Doodles*
 Day 4  *coming soon* 
 Day 5  *coming soon* 
 Day 6  *coming soon* 
Day 7  *coming soon*
 Day 8  *coming soon* 
 Day 9  *coming soon* 
   Day 10  *coming soon* 
   Day 11  *coming soon* 
   Day 12  *coming soon* 

Happy Baking :)


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