December 16, 2013

Starbucks Sequin Pocket

I used one of my SNAP studio 3x4 pocket refills

Used one of the 3 pockets and filled it with the following--->Martha Stewart green glitter, wood heart veneers 3 different sizes and red sequins then sewed just the top of the one pocket{{easy}}

this is what I used for this quick page 
sewing machine, Martha Stewart glitter, Starbucks gift tag, sequin, wood veneers 

 I'm loving how it shimmers in the light! I think this will become my new obsession! And with this already made pockets it's super simple to just what you want to the pocket and sew it shut!

Starbucks die cut gift tag--->sooooooooo cute!

Felt JOY word

finished page!

Happy Scrapping ;)

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