June 6, 2014

Vintage Camper turned Glamper!

I am happy to announce that I will soon be the proud owner of a Vintage 1950-1960's Camper and will become a member of the glamping community! In the process of purchasing my first glamper. Stay tuned for tons of exciting pictures of my before and afters. I will also be blogging step by steps of how I make over my vintage camper into my dream glamper!  Curtains, cushions, flooring oh my! Let the adventure begin!
this is not mine, it is an example of what I want to do and the make I want to purchase--->1965 Shasta!
love love love the color! it just needs it's wings!


Sean berahmand said...

Brianna, I learned a ton bout these over the years...if you get one I would search dry climates #1...less water issues or dry rot...also if possible get one that has birch interior which is probably before 64ishes ..they are more valuable and desired(resale) ...eBay, and a couple sites online , one being vintagetrailers. com are great resources for Reissue parts....also if you find one out of state get pics of the underside and frame work toward the tongue... Ask about bearings being packed too...other than that they are a blast and very easy to dial in...have a blast!

Bree said...

thanks buddy! things I would have never thought to ask or look for! excited! btw yours is gorgeous!