May 17, 2015

Cupcake Paper Clips for your Pocket Letters

Who doesn't love cupcakes, they're delicious. And now they will be added to my cupcake pocket letter swap so my receiver can use them in her planner or in a letter she creates. I'm also using a couple in my planner. Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made my cupcake paper clips.

Found these cupcake stickers for a $1.00 and I also picked up a Mother's Day card that had cute cupcakes on it that I fussy cut out. That is the cupcake in the above picture. By the way you can make paper clips with any imagine/sticker you like. You can also Google and print off imagines and create paper clips out of them.

 I busted out my laminator, stuck the stickers on white card stock and feed it through the machine.

just cut around each sticker

Then fussy cut each sticker

 I use my circle punch, cork, and a glue gun to attach the paper clips to the sticker/image.

 I cut the circle into 4's if the sticker/image are small

line up where you want the paper clip to sit on the sticker/image

and glue to the cork, card stock or whatever your using for the back of your paper clip

add the paper clip to the glue

then attach the cork to the sticker/image and press for a few seconds

wallah, you just made a paper clip for your pocket letter or planner!

Happy Scrapping :)


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