May 26, 2015

Pocket Letters

I love making pocket letters. Everything about them. I started this new adventure at the end of Feb and to date have made 62 pocket letters for lovelies all over the world. I have received 80 and they're still coming in. I sent the creator of pocket letters a pocket letter. I was really nervous about this one. More then I usually am about the ones I send out. Maybe because she created this phenomenon and that in itself made me nervous. Here is the one I sent to Janette Lane--->


if your a Project Lifer or love making layouts you may want to check out her blog and see what this new craze is all about Janette Lane Pocket Letters Blog

Happy Scrapping :)


CorinnasCreativRausch said...

Hello, I love all your Pocket Letters and maybe we can change PL one day!?
Greetings from Germany

CHERI said...

You do a great job! I can't imagine sending out so many! Isn't it very expensive with the shipping???

Glenda Vermaak said...

Awesome pocket letter. I love those gold bows. I would love to swap with you too> I am in Florida.


Glenda Vermaak said...

Awesome Pocket Letter. I love those gold bows.
Would love to swap with you. I am in Florida.


Rose Powell said...

I about died and went to heaven when I saw that gold and glittery Starbucks Cup. Awesome!