May 17, 2015

Starbucks Paper Clips for Pocket Letters

Who doesn't want a Starbucks paper clip to use in their planner. Since I absolutely LOVE to make coffee pocket letters, I started making these adorable Starbucks paper clips to add to their letters. Which can be removed and used in their planner or left intact to go into their binder. 
here is an example of a coffee pocket letter I made. 
I used green bows and Starbucks logo as paperclips...s
 so let's get started will need the following to make these Starbucks paper clips. 
-Starbucks imagines, 
you can google Starbucks cups, Starbucks logo, or just Starbucks  
-Hot glue gun
-green card stock paper for the glitter bows
-green glitter, any kind will work
-green paper clips both large and small
-a lamintor
-laminating paper
-a tiny bow punch
-glue, any kind will work
first apply glue to the green card stock paper and shake your green glitter on there, allow to dry, I spray the top with hairspray, it keeps the glitter from going everywhere and stay on the paper.
take your tiny bow punch and start punching out little tiny bows.
add the bows wherever you think looks cute on the cup, this is where you have your hot glue heating up and attach the little bows with your glue gun!

add your sheet of cups to your laminating paper and run through your lamintor. I got my lamintor at Walmart for 20 bucks, also the paper. 

once it cools, just a few seconds, fussy cut the cups out.

grab that glue again and apply a dot to some green card stock and add the paperclip and press till glue hardens.

wallah, you did it. You just made Starbucks paperclips for your planner, or pocket letters.
Coffee Cheers...
Happy Scrapping!



Jess said...

Sooo Cute! As Always!!!!!

Crissy said...

Cute!! I really need to invest in a laminator

Kim In Texas said...

Love this! How did you make or where did you get the metal paperclips that are shaped into coffee cups with hearts? Thanks.