March 4, 2016

Flipsbooks, also known as snail mail books.

 I recently stumbled on this amazing thing called "flipbooks" also known as snail mail books. I was scrolling through my IG{Instagram}account and kept seeing all these amazing books filled with adorable goodies...I went to Filizlovepaper and watched her fabulous how to video on how to make a flip book. So I busted out some of my paper and embellishments and got to work. Let's just say I was hooked. After my first one a few weeks ago, I'm already on number 16 YIKES. I will post a few of my books at the end of this post. 
The basic concept of the flipbook is to share some happy mail with a new friend, or an old friend. Once you create the book using paper, file folder,  or envelopes add a belly band, pretty envelopes, project life cards, tape on additional flaps so when your receiver lifts the flap there is a surprise underneath it for her. Things to add to your book for goodies can include things like: washi tape, stickers, buttons, project life cards, paper clips, enamel dots,quotes, die-cuts, pictures, sticky notes. Also make sure to include a mail tag- you ask your partner 5 questions. You can do that on a regular tag and put "mail tag" on the pocket or place you added the tag.

If you want to try your hands at one I say go for it. Grab some cute paper, washi tape, embellishments and start creating. I will include some links for you to check out to help you.

For the past year I was creating pocket letters but have gotten quite bored making them. I have 16 albums now full of pockets, After creating over 355 pockets I ran out of ideas of things to make each one different. I didn't want to keep repeating the same pocket over and over again. So when I stumbled unto these flip books I was completely HOOKED....not only do you have to create the book yourself, you get to make the pockets, the pages, the tags, the layouts etc etc etc. You basically create the flip book yourself. I absolutely,love this. I am a paper crafter at heart so playing with paper and getting to score it, cut it, and create something beautiful is right up my alley. 
Paper Sweetpea has this amazing rotating waterfall video...Paper SweetPea I have made 4 flip books using this technique. It looks fantastic in your book.
Filizlovepaper tut 2
Happy crafting lovelies!


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Belinda Riffenburg said...

Great blog entry Brianna!! Very helpful information for someone who would be interested in making one! Thanks so much and as always your work is lovely!! ;0)