March 2, 2017

I have neglected you, and I'm sorry.

I didn't realize working full time would eat up so much of my crafty time. The little time I do have off I am busy doing the day to day things trying to play catch up from the week.But guess what,  I am determined to get back into the flow of crafting every week and make sure to set aside three or four hours on my days off to dive deep into my creativity and create things. Now that I have become obsessed with travelers notebooks I will look forward to sitting down in my craft room and decorating them, My favorite TN line at the moment is Websters pages. I have included a few pictures of there gorgeous travelers notebooks. If you are new to the TN world. These are a perfect first time TN to purchase and set up. If you want to see all of Websters fabulous products go here Websters Pages
Thanks for stopping by. Come back again as I will have some step by step walk throughs on my travelers notebook set-up.


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