November 17, 2011

Deal With It & Carry On

It's tough being a military spouse. I won't sugar coat it at all. We deal with so much just like our soldiers do navigating this military life style. We take on everything when our soldier deploys and we single-handedly have to raise the family by ourselves. But if you truly love the soldier you married, you make the most of the life you've chosen being a military wife.You MUST and I repeat you MUST learn to roll with the punches or you will get swallowed up and sink into a deep deep depression. You have to learn to do everything by and for yourself, well the help of your battle buddies A.K.A girlfriends also helps get you through it, they become your second family. So with that said I had this shirt made which is quite fitting being a military wife. I know a lot of you can relate. I have been a military wife almost 12 years now and this job is not for the weak. You have to find inner strength and perseverance so that you can make it for 12-15 months by yourself. 

I am an American Soldier’s Wife!
I keep the team at home together for you
I serve my Soldier in Army ways
and do what is expected of me on the home front.
I will always keep my mission of a loving home
for when you return and longer.
I will NEVER quit or leave or lose our love for each other.
I will knowingly take your responsibilities on as if you are here yourself.
I will take myself to the heights you have taken me and not fall.
I am an expert as your wife and I am a professional at taking care of your home and children while you are away.
I stand ready for any and all situations which may arise.
I am the guardian of my husbands home and love…
I am an American Soldier’s Wife!


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