June 6, 2010

Ticket to nowhere

Somewhere my life took a turn down crazy street, well at least at the moment that's how it feels. My niece is graduating today and she's like a daughter to me, has been in my life since birth and I'm not there to watch her receive her high school diploma. My daughter is graduating in 5 days and I feel completely unprepared for it not to mention an emotional wreck, we get our new car in 2 days which means we now have a car payment that I'm dreading because we have not had a car note in over 10 years, to top it off today's my daughter's 15th birthday[she is forever loved and will never be forgotten] I still wonder what kind of young women she would have turned out to be, Happy Birthday Jordon I Love You!  Did I mention the looming deployment hanging over my head which leaves me in a state of never being able to relax. Everyday it's one day closer to saying good-bye and the pressure of that is just sometimes to hard to handle. And with all this going on I think the kids are feeling a little pressure and starting to act up again. Can I please go back to last year and just stayed in Washington State and not have come back to Germany, is that possible? I think that would make a few of these things seem easier.

Oh well all these things are right in front of me. Guess I will handle them one at a time. Today it's going be to tackling Jordan's birthday. I'll make her a cake and light my candle to burn for the day. Probably will bit my husbands head off as he will be the one that gets the brunt of my attack. Not fair to him I know but he'll be the one.

Time keeps ticking away it doesn't stop no matter how I try to make it. Just wish there was some way I could stop it for awhile.


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Sarcastic Sarah said...

Bree, you are such a strong and powerful woman! I look up to you in so many ways, I know things are crazy right now, but like ALWAYS! you will overcome, and kick some butt!