May 22, 2010

Senior Prom Twenty ten

I don't know the anxiety of getting ready to go to your Senior prom. I don't know what it's like to shop for that perfect prom dress. To find that prefect hair style. To worry about which boy is going to ask me. When my friends were off getting ready to go to their Prom I was raising a 6 month old baby trying to play catch up so I could graduate. But guess what that now 6 month old baby is out enjoying her very own senior prom. Experiencing all the wonderful things a senior should be and without a worrying in the world except to dance the night away. Isn't that how it's suppose to be?

It's hard for me to look at her and think I was raising a baby at her age. That I was making huge adult decisions at 18. That the choices I were making were also influencing her. To know she is getting to experience all these wonderful things is amazing to me. To know she will never have to worry or struggle with being a teenage mother makes anything I ever had to miss out on worth it.

Just to see the smile on her face and the glow in her eyes makes me feel like I accomplished something I set out to do when I had her. To make sure she got to experience teenage life in a way I was never able to.

It so hard to watch them grow up into young adults. But at the same time it's so beautiful. Tonight was one of those beautiful moments. Our daughter looked stunningly beautiful, breath takingly beautiful. I hope tonight goes down as one of those memories she will never forget!

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Sarcastic Sarah said...

Oh Bree! She looked beautiful, and by the pics look like she had a BLAST!!