May 24, 2010

I'm getting reversed

Sitting at the kitchen table last night my husband blurts out I'm getting a reversal done. I said WHAT!You want to have another baby??? He replied "YES"! I asked him if he was getting sad that Miranda is going off to college, he replied "YES"! I asked him if he feels like he missed out on the kids being babies and toddlers and his reply was "YES"! He is obsessed with wanting another baby. Anywhere we go and someone has a baby he runs up to them and just starts talking to the baby.

In my mind it completely freaks me out. All my pregnancies after Miranda's were high risk. I lost one at 6 months gestation and had two premature births. Could you imagine me pregnant now with an even greater risk of having a miscarriage, a preemie or even worse. I can't imagine. I don't want to imagine.

He is going to the clinic to talk to our doctor about a reversal. Just going to take this one step at time. If they can do a reversal I guess we will go unto the next step of talking about having another baby. Is my husband having empty nest syndrome this soon? I get that he missed out on the kids being young toddlers. That he feels like he didn't get to experience all those joys but has he really given having another baby any real thoughts.

Can someone please come talk some sense into my husband.


Sarcastic Sarah said...

umm He can borrow Hayden for a while, betcha he changes his mind! LOL!!

BREE!!! Another baby?? WOW!!!!

Nicholas said...

From a guy I totally understand him missing out...but you are just getting one out of the house. Havinf to do diapers, feeding, up all night, potty training. Ugh, yeah a baby is beautiful but that is huge wanting to do that wonderful, beautiful, horrible stuff again. I would thing long and hard, about it. And then thin some more.

Jen said...

wow, i just am amazed every time i see ur blogs, u r soo talented and im soo jealous!! u have such awesomely cute designs, u seem to have such a good knack too for making it look soo good, so good job and keep up the good work hehe!!!