May 26, 2010

FREE flowers

It must be close to summer because the base is blooming with flowers everywhere. I was able to get 12 flowers 6 red and 6 white, 2 planter boxes, and a huge bag of potting soil. All FREE! We have something called a Self Help Store here on post. It's a place you can go for free paint and accessories, light bulbs, screens, flowers, dirt and other things you might need to beautify your housing. I think it's wonderful we have this. I like getting FREE flowers and dirt every Spring. It saves me money on purchasing the flowers myself. Even though I'll still be spending some of my own money to help build the start of my seasonal patio garden.

I'm into my 6th year of having a "green thumb"! I've had  a flower garden every Spring/Summer since we were stationed in Hawaii. I find it to be extremely relaxing. Dead heading flowers, re-potting plants, watering them, tending to them. I love it.  My favorite flowers to plant are baby roses. I'm not sure if they're available here in Germany. I'm going to have to check on the economy and see. I was spoiled while living in Hawaii with the year round warm temperatures. I was able to keep my flowers blooming year round. But I will take the few months of good weather we will have and enjoy my little patio garden.

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Sarcastic Sarah said...

AWW Bree! they are so pretty! I too find my best therapist in the form of potting soil and gorgeous flowers!