May 27, 2010

Deployment is OVER! He's HOME

{{POSTED BACK FROM FEB 13th 2009 JUST ADDING IT}} Made it to Hawaii on Friday, which just happened to be my birthday. It also happened to be Friday the 13th[[nothing bad happened]]Thought maybe my flight would be delayed or my luggage lost but nope everything went smoothly. Picked up my rental car and drove to my hotel. CRASHED as soon as I got something to eat. I had been awake for over a day. My flight left at 6AM which meant I had to be picked up by 4AM so I just stayed awake. Thank goodness we use to live here in Hawaii because traffic is straight CRAZY in downtown Honolulu. Or I never would of found my hotel. Now I am sitting here on Valentine's Day without my soldier. They are not due home now till next week, not giving the date! But I am disappointed. Spent the day at the gym on post getting my work-out in. Found the place we are having the welcome home ceremony. I saw all the banners for Bravo Company and all the flags. At least I know where I'm going and won't get lost. The hard part is I have to wait longer now. The waiting, it sure does get tiring. Sit and wait and wait and wait and wait. I've been sitting here waiting for the past 18 months. My wait is suppose to be over. I guess I have waited this long I can wait another few more days. Tomorrow I will walk around Waikiki and snap some pics of the water. The beaches here are amazing. I forgot how beautiful they are. We took the kids to the beaches almost every weekend. It feels kinda strange not having the kids with me. I miss them. More than I thought I would. Like today when I was driving home from the base their were rainbows all the way to the hotel and I thought about Emmy's song somewhere over the rainbow. Wish the kids could have come back to Hawaii with me. But my mom is their taking care of them. Doing her grandma things. So I know they are in wonderful hands. Well going to go put together a late valentine's day package for my husband. Wish he was here tonight to get it. Aloha hookas. Miss you too!

[[the pic is me in my hotel room throwing you a shaka sign]]

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Sarcastic Sarah said...

OMG!! I remember this!!!! I read it again, and still got excited!!!!