May 31, 2010

Give me a Margarita!

The drinking age is Germany is 16 and 14 if together with your parents. So when we took Miranda and her friend Tyler out to eat at the Cantina Mexicana
restaurant it was quit surprising they didn't card the two under 21 year old. I'm so use to hearing can I see your I.D please. Nope not here in Germany. They just ask what would you like to drink and bring it to you. I guess that's ones of the perks for the young people of living in Europe, a low drinking age. It still felt a little strange with her father and I sitting at the table while our daughter is ordering a Mango Margarita. But like my husband told me, he'd rather let Miranda start drinking a little with us so she can get a feel for it before she heads off to college. Otherwise she wouldn't know how her body reacts to alcohol. She has been drinking in the presence of her dad and I and also with her friend Tyler for a few weeks now. I don't know if I really like her drinking at the age of 18 but she's going to come face to face with it this Fall when she begins living on campus and starting college. I really don't have a say anymore. She's in control of her own life making her own decisions. I'm just a passenger trying to hitch a ride. It's sad to see your baby grow up into an adult and not feel a loss. I'm very esxcited to see the women she'll become over the next 4 years just trying to accept this new role I have in her life. I know you'll make us proud, you always have!


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Sarcastic Sarah said...

Miranda is a great kid! and you are right, she is going to do it regardless if you like it or not in college, it is not like you are breaking the law, hell even at the shoppette it is 18 to buy the a a a a alcohol! (hahaha) I bet it did feel weird though considering you are so use to 21 being the age! Have a GREAT time on the Journey Bree! you are doing an AWESOME job!