April 6, 2012

Couch Picnic

 Today my husband and I had couch picnic. Instead of going out to the movies, we went to the movies here at home. I surprised him with this little tub of popcorn. On the front of the tub the heart reads: you, me, couch, kisses, take out, blanket, snuggles, champagne{in our case Dr.Pepper}movie, sugar, popcorn, love!

I gave him a movie ticket that says admit one, and one for myself of course. Wrote him a little love note, 2 bags of popcorn, 2 Dr.Pepper's, a rented movie, and instead of putting a fork and knife I wrapped two straws with napkins, tied ribbon around them and glued on the bon appetite. His bag of sugar was full of sweet tarts and I included 6 little hearts which I wrote whatnot's on each one for his eyes only ;) Oh don't forget a blanket to snuggle with and order take-out if your going to include the knife and fork in his tub. Don't forget paper plates to eat on!

We will definitely be having quite a few more at home "date nights"! He loved this idea and I loved snuggling up on the couch with him.

 here is the POPCORN BAG link to print off your little popcorn tub. Just print it off, cut it out, and your little goodies.
 here is the Popcorn Invitation link for the admit one, sugar bag topper, the bon appetites, and the heart containing what the date night will consist of. I cut out the little hearts and the red square paper with my Cricut and just added a white ribbon to the top
 I used pop dots to apply the heart to the popcorn tub. That way when I handed it to him he could read what the date was going to be about.
all my goodies for our couch picnic aka date night!

Happy Dating :)


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