September 20, 2012

This && That

[back dated April 4th 2007]Target is coming to Hawaii they are planning to build their store in Kapolei by 2009-woohoo. Finally decided to open up shop in Kapolei which is right across the Honolulu Advertiser building.  The area will also contain a lot of small stores and eateries to create a new shopping complex. Now if they could only bring one of my other all time favorite stores-IKEA to the island, we will be set!

So that is pretty good about Target. I love Target. My all time favorite places to spend my husband's hard earned money. Can't wait for the grand opening. I will be one of the first in line.

Yesterday while the kids were playing outside and I was tending to my flowers a neighbor came barreling out of her house and over to her next door neighbors house. Screaming at her neighbor and getting in her face. Now this is a trashy horrible mother and what people would consider the typical Army wife to be well this and more. She starts screaming at her neighbor with a huge crowd looking on. The women being screamed at points and says get off my property you are on my sidewalk. The women screaming doesn't budge just stands there with her arms crossed. This women LOVES to start stuff in our Ghetto neighborhood her on post so really this is nothing new to anyone. But I stood there watching and waiting. Finally the women being screamed at YELLS leave my sidewalk NOW! The women retreats but with foul language coming out of her mouth. Meanwhile there are about 20 kids watching and listening to all this. So the typical military wife starts smoking and cussing at carrying on like a immature person and this and that and blah blah blah. Telling the kids around her and her own kids STAY AWAY from that bitch and that house and those kids. You know what  where does she even have the nerve to come barreling out her house to get in someone's face about their child when she herself sits inside oblivious to what her own children are doing outside UNSUPERVISED. I was really hoping the neighbor that was getting screamed at by this insane women would have called the MP'S because I was ready to go over and let the MP'S know that this women was sitting inside her house with her door shut while her children were running loose and she went over and started the confrontation. But she did not call them and so I went on tending to my flowers.

A few months back we put ourselves on the waiting list to move. We are now number 18 down from 46. When our number comes up I will take anything they offer as long as they get me out of this GHETTO they put us in. You know to tell you the truth we need to be living in Officer Housing. Where you do not have to deal with this enlisted bullshit and ghetto living. Sorry to offend anyone that is enlisted.
Ok that was my rant for the day about Army life. Poor white trash military wives that do not watch their own kids and start crap to just to start it.

To end this entry today I am leaving you with a snorkel spot for those on the island-

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove North Shore

Just after passing Waimea Bay coming from on the Kamemehamea Highway you come across a great snorkel spot. Just across the highway from Foodland is Shark's Cove. With the high surf of the winter months Shark's Cove is just a few jagged rocks sticking out of the ocean. In the summer the cove opens up into a wonderful sheltered sea creature haven. Both snorkelers and scuba divers swarm Shark's cove everyday.
Coming from the west you have to enter the parking via the second entrance, its a one-way moving east to west. If you arrive early enough there should be parking left within this area. However, if you find yourself without a place to park don't fret. There is another parking lot just before the fire station to the west and also road parking to the east of the Shark's Cove lot.
Once there you will see a large peninsula sticking out into the ocean wrapping from left to right. This is what creates the cove. The left side of the cove is very shallow and really nice to just sit around in and relax. You may also want to start here if you have smaller children who haven't snorkeled much before. There is a sandy entrance and the shallow water will give you a little more peace of mind.
On the right hand side of the cove it gets much deeper. This is the side that opens to the ocean. Be careful here, strong currents can sometimes pop up and pull you out. Just be sure to check with those more experienced people around you. This deeper half has a huge amount of fish, turtles, and if you look close enough eels.


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