September 17, 2012

My weekend-oh boy.....

[back dated May 24th 2005]As most of you know who are in the military and live in base housing we have weekly chores to do. This week I had police call. Which is picking up trash around the housing front and back and then mowing the grass. I woke up Sunday made my morning coffee, read the paper and then went out before the rain to mow the grass. Now a lot of people hate doing this chore and a lot of people pay others to mow, however I totally enjoy doing the yard work.
So I was looking forward to getting out there and mowing. Got the lawn mower out and then started it up and began mowing. I got the back mowed and was mowing the front. I was coming up the little hill to the top and pushed the mower under one of the patio's to get the grass underneath, well I was pushing the mower so fast up the hill I rammed my left hand right into an L bracket on the patio, I briefly glanced down at my hand and saw I had hurt it a little bit but I just kept on mowing. It had started to sprinkle and I wanted to get this done before it started pouring. I got finished and put the lawn mower away. Came upstairs to wash hands and look at my hurt hand.
I look down and see that I had CRUSHED my wedding ring. My wrap around and my wedding ring. The diamonds were gone in both the wrap around and my main setting. I freaked out, ran downstairs and began looking for my diamonds. I looked where I had rammed my hand, but thought maybe I sucked them up and spit them out somewhere else. I looked and looked and looked, NOTHING.
I was chatting with my mother and told her what happened and she suggested I take flash lights out with the kids and we shine the light all over seeing if we see a sparkle. I did that, and still NOTHING. When my soldier called I told him what had happened. I was really expecting him to be upset with me. This is a long story about the rings, but to make it short this is the fourth set he has purchased for me. My first set I had to cut off when I was PG with our son, the second set was eaten by one of us when I made dinner and the diamond had come out of the setting into the dinner, the third set our little wonderful children flushed down the toilet and then now this set he bought me. I thought oh man when I tell him he is going to be so angry.
But you know what he said when I told him, he said babe is your finger ok, is your hand ok. I don't care about the ring, I care about your hand. AHHHHH babe, I swear sometimes I don't know what to think about you. You are a wonderful loving man. So there you go, spent my weekend looking for my wedding ring settings. Bummed out too. I think the next set you buy me honey I will just wear around my neck and close to my heart. On a necklace. I am four and O on having a wedding ring stay on my finger :(
I also found out that my soldier will not be coming home as soon as we had hoped. Kinda disappointed, as this month already has been long enough for me. I really need my baby home to talk to and wake up to.
Babe if you read this post, I love you. You are everything and more I could have ever imagined. Thank you for understanding and being worried when I told you about my wedding ring. I am bummed out about that and that you will not be home when we thought you would be. I am sorry they are keeping you guys there.  Thinking about you and loving you always

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