July 25, 2011

How to set up pages in blogger!

Been struggling to add a top menu to my blog with pages for each of my categories well many bloggers, like myself have yet to realize that blogger now offers a page option. Actually they offer each blog a 10 page option. These are pages that you can easily set up on your blog without having to make other blogs for various things like many of us once had to do. After you make the pages you can choose to make a text only menu bar under the header, make a list menu bar on a sidebar or custom make a menu bar like I have done. So lets get on with the tutorial on how to set up pages and what to do with them afterward.

1. Go into blogger posting-edit pages. At this time you can create your pages. Click on new page and name it whatever you would like. Some examples are about me, blog roll, my blogs, etc.

2. After you have named your page you can go ahead customize the page or come back to it later. Go to publish (or draft if you would rather come back to it later).

3. Now you will have the option for a blog sidebar, blog tabs or no gadget. This is speaking about what I mentioned above. So choose which one you would like. Each page will have its own link now. You can use this link to allow other people to go to this page or for your various bars you may want.

Happy Blogging :)

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