July 14, 2011

Hawaii, I miss you!

I'm really missing Hawaii right now. I didn't think I would miss it so much but I am truly wanting to go back, even if only for a vacation. There is so much to do there. Literally everyday you can pack yourself a little picnic basket, a book, sunscreen and enjoy one of the many beautiful beaches they have around the island. Should have taken of advantage of the beaches a lot more while we were stationed there. I was overweight and uncomfortable being in a swimsuit. So while daddy and the kids were soaking up the waves I was on the beach with shorts on reading a book, BLAH! I wish we could go back. Can't I just click my heels together and say there's no place like Hawaii, there's no place like Hawaii and we will be there!

 Maybe just maybe my husband can work some sort of magic and get us stationed there again but I doubt it, he doesnt want to go back. He wants to go somewhere down South. Hot humid weather does not sound appealing to me at all. But Hawaii's cool ocean breezes keeping the island just right sounds perfect to me. Oh well at least we had the opportunity to live in Hawaii. Just wish I would have taken more advantage of the time we had. Maybe a month long vacation will cure my itch to move back.

This is KoKo Head one of my favorite places on the island. Very very windy but gorgeous.
If your a photographer you must go here and capture it's beauty! The waves are huge and crash against the rocks. Makes for some pretty amazing photo's.

This is the North Shore. Big surf competitions are held here. This beach is always busy. It's a must stop and see. Tons of beaches on this side of the island.

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jen said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!. I am praying that we will get to go to Hawaii next!. and if we really get that lucky you guys are ALWAYS welcome to visit us :)