May 6, 2010

Vodka-Clubs && College!

I can't begin to even explain this picture to you. Obviously it's vodka and cranberry juice and it's for our 18 year old daughter. Your probably sitting there thinking why on God's green earth would I be buying my daughter alcohol? The answer to that is this. Our daughter is about to invoke on the whole college life. With that brings drinking. I guess it's our way of prepping her for what she is about to experience going off to college. She's been a wonderful example of a "good" kid growing up. She's always done the right thing gotten good grades and well just set the standards for her siblings kinda high. She is the ideal candidate for a good girl gone wild at school once the grips of persuasion grab hold. We have sorta been sheltering her from the world.

Recently she started going{clubbing}here in Germany. She is enjoying herself immensely and I'm glad she getting to experience that. By the way she only made herself a little glass of that vodka and cranberry juice and hasn't had any since. My husband has asked a few of his young soldiers, and by young I mean 18-19 and 20 to go to the club with our daughter. Be like her back-up body guards in case a situation gets out of hand. That puts my mind at ease a little. That is only because she is still here in Germany not off at school where I have no idea what's going on. I ask myself have I taught her all the right things, have I instilled the right values, did I shove education down her throat so much she will rebel. I guess all those questions will have answers once Fall semester starts.

I keep telling myself I'm ready to let go, to let her experience everything the world has to offer her. But deep down I'm completely falling apart!

Wish we could keep our children young forever!

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Lietta Ruger said...

Uh - yes, how I know what you are saying!