May 18, 2010

Have it your way

Do I want to work at Burger King, come on I mean isn't this a teenagers job. Flipping burgers, making french fries, mopping floors and filling up lids and napkins. This isn't what a mother does, does she? Work at a Burger King. But wait it pays $9.50 an hour which would turn into $1500 a month which is all extra income for our household. That could mean more trips throughout Europe. Dream vacations to Italy, Ireland and London. Visa gift cards for my soon to be college girl and care packages she would love.  It's not the job I wanted, nor the job I applied for but none the less it's a job. It's an income. It would fill up some of my extremely long drawn out day. I don't know though. Me donning a Burger King uniform and saying "hello welcome to Burger King what can I get for you today"?

I have applied at so many places on post I forget where I applied. I got offered a job at the shopette and turned it down. I got offered at a job at the video store and turned it down. Now I'm being offered a job at Burger King. I will probably turn it down. Tossing it up in the air tonight over dinner and see what the family thinks. I know my husband will tell me he doesn't care. He doesn't care if I work or not. I know though he would be happy to have the extra income coming in. That we could travel more. Guess we will see. I really don't want to go flip burgers but I really do want to see a lot more of Europe, and this job could help with that!

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Sarcastic Sarah said...

WOW!!! i did not realize that it paid that well!! but you are right, I would be thinking the same thing as you are...but it does get your foot in the door to employment!! Have you tried the commy?