September 17, 2012

3 times in one week argh!

[back dated April 5th 2005]My baby is pulling CQ yet again this week. This is his third time. I can not believe that they do this the guys, no wait I can believe it. This is the freaking Military we speak of. My DH is so tired. At least tomorrow he will get to sleep all day long and get caught up on his sleep that he has been missing out on. But I am really missing him a lot this week. I don't like spending all this time away from each one another. But we are a Military family and this is part of that lifestyle. I can bitch and moan all I want too but is it not going to change what he has to do.

I have police call today for our building, so looks like we head outside soon and pick up trash and rake and make the front and back of the building look good. As the weather gets nicer then we will have to add mowing to the police call. But that is okay, I like to do yard work. Not much going on today, it is Sunday and here in Germany NOTHING is open on Sundays-NOTHING. So I am going to go scrap a little and then play with the kids. Hope you all have a super day

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