July 23, 2011

He's Home

The anticipation is nerve racking. The build up to that great big hug and kiss your about to get makes you pace back and forth, giggle because your nervous and check your watch every minute. Then you see your soldier come out of the door and all you want to do it run to him and wrap your arms around him and never let go. That is how I felt yesterday when we drove to Frankfurt Airport and picked up my soldier retuning from Afghanistan on his 2 weeks of R&R. Feeling his arms around me again was amazing and receiving our first kiss since he left felt like heaven. Took my soldier and headed to the car to take him home. He opened my door for me and we held hands the entire drive home. Of course we were both smiling from ear to ear. It's been a long wait but one that is well worth it.  My soldier came home to entire house decorated in red, white and blue. He was blown away by everything we did for his homecoming. Well just wait till he's finished with this deployment, he's going to be shocked.

Woke up this morning to my husband actually being in bed with me, spent so many months alone in bed wasn't sure if I was dreaming but I opened my eyes to see him starring at me while I was asleep, so I know I wasn't dreaming HE IS REALLY HERE. Then he sang my song to me-good morning beautiful how was your night, mine was beautiful with you by my side! He always sings this to me. It was nice to wake up to that again.It's nice to wake up with him in my bed again. Sometimes it so lonely without him here.

Even though we've been married 14 years I always feel like a teenager when we see each other again after being separated. I love having him home and I'm going to soak up every single ounce of hugs and kisses I can get. Please time pass by as slowly as possible so these two weeks feel like months.

Welcome home baby, I'm glad we get to see you.


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