September 24, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Today was my weigh in and measurement day. Hopped on the scale and was happy to see I went down 3 pounds and down 4 more inches 1.5 on my waist .5 on my thighs .5 on my arms and .5 on my chest[didn't want to see that]but oh well I'll take it. My last weigh in was over 2 and half weeks ago. I decided to weigh/measure myself every two weeks! I really think adding the protein shakes in the morning before my workout is helping a lot.  Also the swimming 2x's a week I can see a difference in my clothes. I love it. Hoping to reach my weight loss goal before Halloween[7 more pounds]. Then can work on the next goal. By my next birthday[February] is my ideal time frame to have dropped the last pounds to be at my final weight-loss goal and weigh in at 120. I know the final 10 pounds will be the death of me. I will not starve myself, slim fast myself nor shrink my calorie intake to a crazy amount under 1,000 it will all be done properly with all healthy eating and exercise. Blood sweat and TEARS, a lot of them. I know in the end all this hard work will pay off and I will the healthiest I've ever been. Even when my soldier returns from downrange I will still be hitting the gym, watching what I eat and doing everything I did while he was deployed. This weight-loss isn't about how much weight I can lose while he is gone and then gain it all back once he is home and do it all over again when he deploys again. NO,  I do this for me not how good I can look for my husband when he comes home. Yes, he benefits from me working out and looking good but I don't do it for him, it's all me and how I want to feel about myself. I'm thankful to have a very supportive husband who fell in love with me at 118 pounds and has loved me even at my largest which was 199.9 pounds and all the different weights in between. But right now this weight-loss journey is all mine and mine alone. When I reach that last 10 pound weight-loss goal it's going to feel amazing and I will reward myself greatly.
Tomorrow is my Skinny run and I'm really looking forward to getting out there and knocking out 3.1 miles. My mile is roughly 10 mins a mile. Would like to get them down to about 9.5 maybe 9  that would pretty rocking. I conquered the infamous Ball Buster hills here in Baumholder I know I can handle anything!. Happy exercising.


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