August 26, 2011

Operation: Healthy Living!

I've been taking the kids swimming the past couple of weeks[that is because summer decided to show up this month]and think I'm getting addicted to swimming laps, sounds crazy right. Well it's true. I get a complete workout while having fun with the kids. We usually stay 1-3 hours and it's non-stop swimming minus the 10min pool breaks on the hour every hour.  There's me swimming around the pool working it out while playing with my kids for a couple hours. It's GREAT! Plus it doesn't even feel like I'm working out. I'm burning approximately 215 calories every 30 mins doing a leisurely swim so I say hey bring it. Let's add this to my daily workout plan. I think this also counts as switching my workout up. I could also just head up to the pool on my own while the kids are in school and do a more vigorous workout. Working out really can be fun. I think we just need to find what we like to do and incorporate into our daily lives. I already know running is my thing and I think now swimming. Life changes, right small life changes. That is how we keep weight off and maintain our health.

So Monday two things happen. First the kids start school. I've been counting down the days like a child does Christmas. When they head back to school the whole house changes. The house is like a regularly scheduled train. That's how the kids school schedule runs. Like clock work. They know what I expect from them and they know what needs to get done.  The second that will happen is I start the family eating the clean meals for 8 weeks. Remember things as close to nature as possible and steer clear of processed foods. So with that said I must come up with some tasty recipes the kids will enjoy eating at dinner time. I will blog our 8 week journey of the dinners I make. Will let you know if they we're a hit or miss. This will be our only sit down meal together so want the kids to enjoy it. Looks like they wont get anymore pop tarts, soda, chips, cookies, crackers, juice boxes or fruit snacks for this time period. It will mainly be fresh fruit and whatever little healthy snack I cook up that day for them while they're at school. I can't do this on my own. I need the family to also be eating healthy or it just wont work and I will end up reverting back to our old eating habits.This is all about getting me healthy but also the family. I really like using this website for recipe ideas Savvy Vegetarian! Ok going to enjoy this weekend with one last little treat for the kids and I then it's OPERATION HEALTHY LIVING!Have a fantastic weekend, what are your plans???


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