August 2, 2012

Whew...we made it to Oklahoma!

Made it in one piece with the kids, pets and husband to Oklahoma. We had a major hiccup along the way getting here but for that story it's posted on my other blog and you can read all about our moving nightmare over there. Just wanted to post a few pics on here and let everyone know as soon as my household goods get here I will be open again for business. Here is the progress of my craft room so far.

 Pink, black and lime green are the color scheme. Had a huge custom wallie made for me since my cricut can't make them this size. Love the saying. Inspiration  a feeling of enthusiasm you get by someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas Get Inspired!

We are loving Oklahoma so far, the heat is taking some getting use to but all in all love it here so far. I start college soon winter quarter but and have been looking for a job. I'm hoping Hobby Lobby will hire me as I would love to work there. It's become my 2nd home.

 my adorable cozy 4 bedroom home with a great yard for our pooch Charlie. He loves being able to go outside and run around. We didn't have that in Germany with stairwell housing.
Hardwood floors in the entire house, which I love. And of course I have already added paint to the walls.
The next craft project I'm tackling at the moment is this bedroom set I got for a steal for my daughter. I will painting them black with white trim, adding vintage white knobs and destressing them :) I bought myself an electric sander.


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Jenny Smith said...

Omg Bree! I had not been to this blog in forever! I love the design and your craft room is adorable! I am not on Facebook anymore. Just couldn't do the drama anymore. Anyways so ok I am confused a bit tho since I have been out of the loop. You mention another blog. This is the only one I was aware you had so whats the other one I can follow it :)