August 28, 2011

Orders Complete!

Had a pretty productive day today. Been going non-stop since I woke up. Finished a necklace order and made this adorable little box to hold the necklaces. Gosh I love my CRICUT but can't wait to get the Cricut Expression 2. I think I'm going to make some more boxes and fill them with back to school goodies for the kids teachers, I know I have some school scrap paper somewhere in my craft room. I also finished a wreath order, well figured out how to package it. So come Monday I get to mail off 2 wreaths and hoping this time they don't break in transition like the others. It's getting frustrating they aren't making it to the states without breaking. No matter how I have been wrapping them, they break :( Praying these 2 make in tact! Along with the orders I completed I also made 3 mini cakes. One was for my son. I told him when he hit 1,000 views on his YOUTUBE page I would make him a cake. Well he hit 1,000 so I made the cake! Double chocolate fudge with chocolate chip frosting. And guess what I didn't have any, so PROUD of myself. He has a youtube page for call of duty black ops walk throughs. He is very good at that game. Just got my workout in for today, and it's midnight here. Been having a rough time sleeping at night. I have restless leg syndrome and it seems to act up the most late at night and I lay there for hours stretching my leg and rubbing it. It's quite annoying but for some reason if I work out right before bed and stretch I don't have much problem falling asleep. Might have to do an early morning run and then a evening run on my machine before bed. How knows. All I do know is I have been dealing with this restlessness since I was young. I remember sitting at the diningroom table while my mother would go on and on and on and on and on about something I did and was giving me a talking to and all my feet wanted to do was to be MOVING! I think that is why I like to be on the go all the time, I'm always in motion. Don't like to sit still long unless I'm in my craft room and totally ebsorbed in my crafts. Then I don't even think about my leg. Hope everyone had a great Saturday. I know I did.


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