December 6, 2011

Heart Candy Cane Suckers

 the supplies you need to get started are wax paper, sprinkles, white chips, candy sticks, and the mini candy canes...this only take a few short minutes and the kids can even help make these very easily!
 lay your wax paper out on the counter, set your candy canes a little apart to be able to fill and lay your candy sticks at least half way up
 melt white chips till there are no lumps
 should look like this, nice and creamy
 add melted chips to a bag to fill the candy canes
 add sprinkles after filling and wallah you just made heart candy cane suckers ;)
I added ribbon to them to dress them up a bit!
Happy Baking

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Jen & Stickybean said...

awesome thanks for sharing i am definitely going to try this