August 28, 2011

Scarpbooking My Day Away

Spent almost the entire day in my craft room today again, love having a craft room to go and get away and just CREATE something from paper. Today I finished up a Paris/Cupcake mini album. Turned out so stinking cute. Also made a Paris key chain to go with it. Then made my very first recipe book for my daughter. Wasn't too bad for my first time. But like anything every time you make another one it seems to turn out better than the last. So I'm pretty certain the next recipe books to follow will look even better. For now this one is prefect because it was my first one. I added a few family favorite recipes to it for her. Hope she fills it with all the wonderful things she will be making living on her own now.Then I put together a new mini album titled CHERISH here is a sneak peek. This one will kinda be vintage/shabby chic. I did get out of the house though to take the dog on his walks. Because once I go into my craft room I will spend hours in there. So much time that I realize hey I need to go eat something. Took a little break and ran to the commissary and got everything for turkey stew. Yes trying to eat healthy. Carrots, corn, ground turkey, onions, and little red potatoes. Cut up everything threw it in the pot let it cook for 30 mins and had a nice bowl of stew after that straight back to my craft room. Another little break to get the kids ready for bed because is their first day back tomorrow. You bet your booty I am one excited momma that my kids are heading back to school. This was a long long long long summer. Hello school your a welcome visitor I've been waiting to see. Then went back to my craft room. Realized it's past 10 and I needed to come out and blog before I head to bed. So here I am sitting at the computer blogging drinking my last bottle of water. Hey that means I got all my water in for today-YAY but did not get my 10,000 steps. UGH! I seriously need to buy a step-counter so I don't have to manually keep track of my steps. Did however get my daily challenge 30/40/50/60[30 push ups 40 squats 50 crunches 60 plank hold]while I walked the dog throughout the day. So I feel good about that. I also did stairs for 10 mins each time. Tomorrow begins my families clean eating. Should be interesting. Fruits and veggies will become their new best friends or they will be going hungry! Kinda excited to start this. I've found what sound like some amazing recipes to try. I will blog my disasters or my victories each day so please come back and check from time to time. You might find a recipe or two you can add to your weekly meals. I also think I'll be saving money on our groceries. I looked at old receipts and saw we were spending quite a bit on JUNK FOOD. Nervous about going to the movies[we go A LOT]but I know they have bottled water and I can pack some healthy goodies in my purse for the kids and I. Looking forward to this 8 week journey, hopefully it changes our eating habits and just leads us to a healthy eating life style.I just have to remember to make some healthy treats for the kids so they feel like they're still getting some goodies. Happy scrapping, baking, crafting, blogging, exercising or gardening. Whatever it is you do that makes you happy ;)


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