August 19, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness!

Happiness is a choice and we all deserve to be happy. At any moment in our lives, we can change our mindset and choose to be happy. I would bet that you never ask yourself this question, What makes “ME” happy? Try to pause for a moment and really think about this question. Do you know the answer? Of course, what makes me happy will not be the same as what makes you happy. Only you can answer the question of ‘What Makes You Happy?”

Hot, fresh, delicious, rich and black. It’s the full, feel good, sensory blast that blows out the fog, pushes back the walls, kicks the creativity machine and fuels the productive pen that fills the blank pages of my sketchbook. It's always a javalicious morning in my house, a perfect way to begin MY happy day.
Well when I feel down or it’s the end of the day, I will go to F*CK MY LIFE. It’s a site where anyone can post their f—mylife moment. After reading a few of the posts on the site you should have a good laugh and overall be in a better mood. Also you won't feel like your life is so bad after all!

My Favorite Song  
When feeling down I listen to my favorite song… Turn the speakers up really loud. Nothing works better than this to get me in a happy mood and motivated to get back to my day .
Start New Tasks
When things feel stagnant (which leads to the blues), I brush off my ‘to do’ list and start exploring some of the resources I’ve noted; but haven’t had the time to peruse. It makes me feel as if I’m moving forward because I always learn something I can put into use immediately; thereby being proactive.
Be Mrs. Deeds
Do a good deed. Find someone to help today, no matter how small the deed. Think of a friend, family member you can help and just do it! There is scientific evidence we feel better when we help others.
Get A Little Crazy
Dance like a crazy person around your own living room! Crank your favorite tunes, get up and move, sway and jam to the beat. Release endorphins, burn a few calories and laugh out loud at yourself while you practice that break dance move or box step (in private, of course)!
Hit The Weights
Go to the gym! Working out and exercising is scientifically proven to improve your state of mind and can revive your entrepreneurial spirit quick!
Doggy Love
Play with your dog! Exercise and time spent with pets are proven ways to reduce stress – so why not combine them? A brisk walk, a nice jog or even just a quick game of fetch will clear the mind, exercise your dog and strengthen your relationship.
Are You Blessed?
Each morning write down EVERYTHING you are blessed to have or thankful for. When you focus on what is positive in your life it starts your day off FANTASTIC. When things are not going so hot, go back to that list and read it over and over again, heck post it above your computer if you need it as a gentle reminder that LIFE IS GREAT! Mine is in my craft room that I get to look at all day long!
Shop Till You Drop
Go shopping! Retail therapy is a great pick me up and with internet shopping there are thousands of options are available at your fingertips 24/7!! Its always a bonus when free shipping is included.

In closing, I only hope that this gave you some food for thought. Perhaps food for happiness.
Oh Happy Day :)


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