September 21, 2011

Facebook and too much exercise!

Woke up today to my FACEBOOK having a new layout on the home page. I pretty much felt like this picture. What are they thinking. I understand wanting to make these changes so people can have easier access to their friends but come on. I switched all my friends over to FACEBOOK from MYSPACE in 2009 because FACEBOOK didn't take as long for peoples pages to load like MYSPACE did with because of the hundreds of graphics and backgrounds and besides FACEBOOK was simpler and easy to use.Don't get me wrong I'm glad I switched over and my friends did too but now I just want to shoot my computer with all these changes. If it weren't for my daughter away in college, my husband deployed, and us living overseas in another country and having my entire family on FACEBOOK I wouldn't use it. I can't leave it. It would be like cutting off one of my arms. Gosh it really is like a lifeline for me that I can't cut. I guess like the previous changes FACEBOOK has made I will adapt to these new changes, I don't have to like them but to be able to chat with my daughter and husband I will adapt and change for you FACEBOOK. Because I would not to miss out on speaking to either one of them.

Well as my day went on I got this huge muscle cramp I got while at the swimming pool. I think I overworked my legs today. I started doing TBX classes at the gym again, these are Total Body Extreme workouts 60 min cardio on Mon-Wed. Before I go I hit the treadmill for a 1-3 mile run then after the class I do another 1-3 miles on the treadmill. I followed this workout today with a swim at the pool and about an hour into my laps my leg just twitched and cramped up. I was in so much pain. I kinda felt it coming on and should have gotten out of the pool but I pushed through it and kept doing my laps. Next time I will listen to my body. Taking a break tomorrow from running and doing weights. I think my leg muscle needs a mini break. Plus I have an upcoming 5K this weekend I want to run in. Guess tomorrow will be a craft happy day for me, and believe me I don't mind that at all.  I've been trying to lose this last 5 pounds so I can start working on my next weight loss goal. And by no means have I limited food intake or cut my calories down to starvation mode. That is a ridiculous unhealthy way to diet and would never starve myself to be thin,  I think I'm doing to many strenuous workouts and need to look at doing lighter simpler ones. Maybe stick to running 3 times a week and doing the TBX and not adding anything else. We will see how that goes and how my body reacts to it.

At least my night ended with a fantastic chat with my husband[I love this man so much]. I found out a lifelong dream may be coming true for me in about 3 years. Lots and I mean lots of planning over the next 3 years to make this a reality for me. I will know more and blog more about this as I find out all the in's and out's but let's just say it has something to do with muffins, coffee and of course crafts!


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