September 19, 2011

Emily's Mini Album

Just wanted to share that my little one, ok she isn't little anymore she's almost 11 but to me she's my little one started making her very own mini albums. I decided to share my craft room with her. She has one side of the craft room and I have other. Set her up with her own papers, glue, glue dots, embellishments, stickers, cute little organizers, scissors, pencils, markers, colored pencils and wallah she is spitting out mini albums now. She also has a passion for arts and crafts, she's been that way since she was a toddler. I would love to get her into art classes and see where she goes with it. She has a very creative mind. Now I get to share my evenings with my daughter in our craft room making mini albums jamming out to the 80's. Good job baby girl you did a FANTASTIC job on your very 1st album. In time all your girlfriends will be lining up requesting mini albums from you :)


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