September 17, 2012

A Military Wife

[back dated May 25th 2005]Regardless of her husband's grade the military wife traditionally has three responsibilities: Make a congenial home, rear a family to be proud of, and bolster her husband's morale.
You can't know the military life until you've lived it. You can't understand the upheaval, the disappointment, the lousy pay or any of the rest of it.
Quoted from Susan Capmbell The Stars and Stripes
Tuesday May 24th Edition
I think this best describes how I feel about being a military wife. I am both proud to be in the ranks of the rest of you military wives. And proud to be an Army Wife to my soldier.
I love you babe, wouldn't want to have any other job right now, then this one I have. A Very Proud Military Wife to you!
Hugs and Prayers

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