September 17, 2012

Whoa what a weekend already.....

[back dated May 28th 2005]Okay let's start with Friday. The heat that day was crazy hot. I am not sure how hot it got but it felt like the upper 80's. To me that is TOO HOT. I come from Wa State where we maybe see 80 during the summer, and we have the nice breeze from the ocean, so 80 feels like 70 to me. I was all ready, make up hair done for my soldier's return from the field. He called me along the way to tell me how far away he was. Got the last call about 2:00 and he said head down to my work. Headed out with the kids. Stopped and grabbed him some lunch and also got a bunch of waters for the guys. Arrived to see my solider about 2:55. Gave him a great big hug and kiss. And man oh man did my honey smell bad.  All the guys grabbed the waters I brought, and I went across the street and bought 6 more.
It was really hot here Friday. All the guys smelled too. Poor things. Had to sweat for 7 hours in very hot trucks. My hubby arrived first from the field and they got their stuff unloaded and had to set up shop and then wait for the rest of the soldiers to show. The kids and I waited about 2 hours and then went home to grab some things and get some snacks for the kids. Told hubby to call me when he was ready to come home. He called me and said babe come on and get me. Loaded the kids up and headed to pick up dad. This was about 8 o:clock. Well he got dismissed at 9:40 and we got home at 10:00. So had I waited their for him we would of spent almost 7 hours waiting. Thank goodness I saw him right when he arrived, that was all I needed was to greet him with a hug and kiss and see his smiling face. I thought we were never coming home last night. Formation seemed to drag on and on and on-gee wiz
came home and we all huddled together on the sectional and watched a movie with daddy. Mimiers fell asleep and daddy and I cuddled with Drew on daddy's other side. Ahhhhhh it was nice having our soldier back home. I knew when we went to bed I would have my first good night sleep in 35 days. sleeping with my hubby's arm around me is the safest feeling in the world and I always drift off to sleep ASAP when he is here holding me. Slept like a baby too. Because our little one came in at 10:30 and woke us up.
We were going to head to the case lot sale here, but since we will be leaving soon my hubby did not want me loading our shipment full of food. It is okay I would of went and spent way too money on things we did not need but things I would of thought we needed that would of ended up sitting in our storage downstairs. LOL, my hubby knows me too well.
The weather here today was HOT HOT HOT also. We were heading to Ramstein to see Star Wars so when my gf called me I  said hey we are going to see Star Wars tonight do you guys want meet us there and she said sure. So we left here early in anticipation the lines would be long and arrived one and half hours before the movie. Got all our tickets and then I called and let my gf know we had the tickets and would see them their at 6:30. Took the kids into the food court at the BX and got them some ice cream. Man oh man was it ever HOT HOT HOT inside the BX. No air conditioning going what so ever anywhere. YIKES! Headed over to the movie found our friends and then we all took our seats. Found out it was going to be a cooker inside the movie. And let me tell you that it WAS. This is something I will NEVER forget this day seeing Episode III with our friends. All of us in the row sweating our butts off watching a three hour movie. Going in my scrapbook as the day the theater lost it's a/c. I will say though through it all the kids were wonderful. I thought despite the horrible heat inside the theater the movie was AWESOME.  So we finally got to see Star Wars and it was well worth the wait and the heat. I do believe we all lost like 5 pounds sitting there-lol. And if this is what the guys downrange go through man my hat is off to you. How the hell do you survive the heat.
Now we got the kids in bed and daddy and I are going to cuddle on the couch and watch the first Star Wars together. After seeing the finale one we want to now watch the one that follows this.
Tomorrow if it is anything like today we will be not sitting in this apartment. It is like a sauna in here and even with three fans going that is not enough. Maybe we will take the kids to the cool little park in Freisen and let them swim and stuff.
It is HOT HOT HOT. Come payday we are going to buy a a/c that is 110 to take to Hawaii with us. mamma can't stand this heat. I am a royal bitch when it is this HOT. I can not stand being hot. Hate it hate it hate it. And I also get migraines too bad when the heat is to high. So all the better to get a/c.
Have a good weekend. Hope where you are is not this HOT and if it is I hope y'all got a/c.
Hugs and Prayers
So HAPPY that my soldier is home. Feels like a part of me is missing when he is gone. I feel whole again now that is here. Glad he is home. Missed him something awful ;)

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