September 17, 2012

Seems too short :(

[back dated May 30th 2005]Our three days together seemed to fly by this weekend. Tomorrow my soldier returns to work. Feels like we have spent no time together. Even though we just spent the entire three days side by side. Depending on what happens with us leaving that will determine if my soldier goes on leave or not. Kinda hoping he takes it anyway. I would love to spend two weeks with him home and going and seeing some of Europe. I also understand though if he wants to save it for Hawaii. There is going to be some amazing spots to see before he starts work there. I guess either way is okay with me, but still would like to have the two weeks with him.
Last night after we watched a movie and the kids had fallen asleep we went to bed, it was about 1:15ish. About 10 minutes later our bathroom door SLAMS shut. Scared the hell out me too. I was like what was that, honey said it was the bathroom door. I got out of bed and went and shut it, however looking outside I see the sky lite up like the fourth of July. I yelled honey come here quick. He came in the bathroom and said babe we are having a thunderstorm. I was in awe. It was very neat. The winds kicked up blowing down everything on our patio. The rain poured down in buckets. The sky was flashing white and then you would hear thunder. Our little mimi was scared so she laid with me and daddy. Our cable went out, we told our eldest to shut down all the lights and get some candles. She was on the computer and refused to get off(teenagers). The storm lasted awhile to. I would say around 45 mins at least. We were up for the whole thing. I had our bedroom curtains pulled open and we watched the storm pass by. Kinda romantic, and kinda scary too. This storm though cooled us off. Thank GOD to. It was too HOT here for me. Today is what I am use to. Cloudy and overcast. If the sun breaks ever now and then it will feel like home.
We are taking the
kids to see a family movie today. They are free so you can not beat that.  Today being Memorial day they I am not sure how it will work. I think they will still be free. Today is ROBOTS. So should be a good movie.
Other then our storm last night, not much going on. Just enjoying the weekend with daddy being
home. It is nice having him here. Hate it when he is gone. We have been catching up on movies and playing with the kids. Too hot to do something on the economy. I do see I need to buy outdoor water things for the kids. Like a little pool and water slide and stuff.
My soldier had to go into for work for an hour for reports, so I jumped
online to Blog real quick. Got to go put my face on and get dressed so when he comes back we can leave.
Have a good day, take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice today. God Bless.
Hugs and Prayers

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