September 17, 2012

Ahhhhhh back to missing my soldier.....

[back dated June 2nd 2005]Seems like I never get to see my soldier these days. They already have him pulling CQ. They just got back from the field and now this. I know this is part of his job. When he called me to say come pick me up I have CQ tonight and also again this week I know I am in for some more lonely nights without him. I think it sucks. All this field time and long hours at work and now throw in there CQ nights. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! And yes if it sounds like I am complaining- I AM.
Oh well this is something I will never get use to. Spending all this time apart from my soldier. With him re-enlisting looks like I have to deal with another 4+ years. Let's hope and pray that after that we are out of the military and back to the normal life. At least that way I know the hours I will see my husband.
So the weather is holding it's own. It is a beautiful day here in Germany today. Going to let my soldier sleep awhile then wake him up. He doesn't like to sleep the day away and not see me. I just love him. He is always thinking of me 24-7. So once he is up we will venture out. He got his psp handheld in the mail yesterday and a few goodies. Now he needs some games and a higher mb for his music and pictures. Our little PZ does not carry much for the handhelds so we will drive about 25 mins away and shop the PZ there. They have a nice selection of games and goodies for the psp.
This entry is a short one. I have to get some things done. I will blog tonight because I know my soldier will be hitting the
bed by 9. That is too early for me. I will go lay with him and cuddle till he falls asleep and then come back out here and blog so more.
Have a wonderful day
Hugs and Prayers

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