September 17, 2012

In less than 10 days......Unreal

[back dated May 18th 2005I read the Stars and Stripes newspaper over here every morning, first thing. I make a pot of coffee and then go down and get my paper. I start my day reading about the soldiers in Iraq and around Germany. Opening the paper this morning and reading it I see in the death toll section we have hit 1620. I was like HUH? I just blogged 1592 death toll. In less than 10 days we are at an additional 28 soldier's death. What is going on?
I went and wanted to see how these soldier's died. I went to the DOD website to see and found out a lot of soldier's are still dying from the god damn road side bombs. Not under hostile fire but driving in a Humvee and dying. This really frustrates me. I am looking at my soldier returning to Iraq for his second tour. Knowing that so many soldiers are losing their lives this way really scares me. My soldier could die just driving somewhere doing "his job".
I kept saying to myself when this war started, how many more soldier's do we have to lose to this. Two years later, they are still dying like this. It saddens me to think my soldier would die like this. I do not want to even let my mind go there tonight.
I just wanted to say in less than 10 days we have lost an additional 28 soldiers. Not to mention the countless others they do not keep a tally on.
This is the thing that makes me the most upset about the entire war.
Needless deaths of our young men and women.]

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