September 17, 2012

Just Checking In

here is not too much report on my soldier's end. He has about 10 days left till he comes home,thank goodness. I am tired of all this field time that the soldiers are having and will have before they deploy. I think it is bad enough they are having to go back to Iraq for their second deployment but to throw in MONTHS and MONTHS of training. You sometimes wonder how the hell marriages survive all this back to back deployments and field time. What about the newly married couples, the young ones in their 20's. How do you expect them to survive a brand new marriage when their soldiers are away for months. It really starts taking it's toll on the wives. The children too. Okay before I start going off I will stop about the military. I just know that knowing what I know now about the military, I wish that my soldier never re-joined it in 2003. It was bad enough back then when we were first got married and he left for Korea for his hardship tour. We were only married three months. That now we are dealing with back to back deployments to Iraq for a year at a time. This lifestyle if not for me nor our family. For us we are not here to dedicate my soldier's life to the government. Now they will be changing retirement requirements for soldiers to retire. I could not even imagine him giving 20 years of his life, our families life, and our marriage to have to put in even more time to the government to be able to retire from the military. So after this four years, I will BEG him to get out of the Army. I will not let the Army take away all the good years we have left with our soldier. That is my two cents for the day. I want my soldier out. I said it. He will get out too. He does not want to be in. He will do what is good for our marriage and the family. He and both know this was the last enlistment. It is not worth it all to him. He hates being away from the kids and I all the time and he hates missing everything in the children's lives. He will get his college degree and get out in four years. Then things will be normal again. Our life will feel normal again. I will not have to worry about when or where or how long I will see my soldier for. When he comes home from the field in 10 days he goes on block leave(hopefully) and we will go travel somewhere in Europe before we leave.
We are attending a Toby Keith concert being put on for the soldiers and their families here in Germany this weekend, I am really looking forward to it. Should be fun since we are going with a bunch of ladies that live around me in housing. I will try to take some pictures if I can and post them.
My hubby has been telling me to stop buying plants and flowers for our patio due to the fact that we are leaving here this summer. But I look at it like if something happens and we wind up staying then I got myself a nice place to go out and have a cup coffee and read. So we will see. Only time will tell what is really going to happen to us this summer. I hope for the best but expect the least when it comes to the military. Otherwise you will drive yourself insane thinking dates and times are one way. Then the next day it is all switched around. You military wives know what I am talking about.
Of course I will blog it that we are leaving soon as I know for sure it is really happening.
I will have more tonight to Blog about. I just wanted to give a little update. Not too much to report like I said.
Hugs and Prayers

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