September 17, 2012

I am on a mission

[back dated May 13th 2005]Alright, I have been trying to figure out somewhere to go for our block leave. We have ROME as our first choice. However my girlfriend just booked a trip to Spain for 10 days for a really wonderful price. Airfare-hotel-meals. I am now maybe re-thinking where to go. We will be paying a lot for our trip to Rome, and believe me I know it will be well worth every EURO spent. But I too am thinking about maybe heading somewhere else for three or four days and then heading somewhere after that. Maybe hit a few different places for block leave. I didn't know yet. I am going to go into SATO and see what they can offer me for Rome or Italy. Or other kinds of packages. I just have to get on this ASAP and get something booked and paid for. My soldier will be home soon and I want to make sure I got this out of the way.
Because I am hoping we really are getting out of this"stoploss" and I know he will be busy with paperwork and whatnot. Least of his worries will be planning a trip. Not when he has getting us out of here on his mind. So if any of y'all have any ideas that are here in Germany, please send them my way. I am really liking this trip my girlfriend booked. I am sitting here now looking at websites of places, as we speak I have seven different windows open. LOL, I need to just go with one and book it. I do not know why or what I am waiting for. I will post something soon as I know.
Babe, I know we said ROME and I will e-mail what it is going to cost for all five of us for 7 days. Then we will go from there okay. And also honey Drew had t-ball practice tonight, and he is DEF going to be a switch hitter. So when your home you two can go out and you can show him a thing or two. I bought a t-ball stand and bat and also a bag of balls. So he is SOOOOOO ready for you to be here and watch him play t-ball. He is doing really good. You would be proud. We got us a ball player here baby ;)
Miranda has had three dentist appointments this week. They are fitting her for a retainer. She is on the list for braces. She should have them on by July. I am hoping the first part of July. Man I had that HUGE problem with them on the 9th and now all of sudden I have appointments-BOOM BOOM BOOM. So she is pretty excited about this, getting her braces.
Tomorrow(Friday) I am attempting to bring Mimiers to school. She wanted to go back and then we went back and she did not want to stay, so I left with her. Then she wanted to go, so one more try babe. School is out at the end of the month. And since we paid for her, they said keep trying to
bring her in. But she still doesn't want to go honey. I am not going to make her or force her. So we will see.
Okay I am starting to get tired. I have been waking up all week at 7, and have to get up tomorrow at 7 also. Have a wonderful day babe. Call me or send me an e-mail and let me know when to call you.
I love and miss you more then ever. Can't wait to hug and kiss ya baby!
Hugs and Prayers

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