September 17, 2012

Funny story about the Autobahn......

[back dated May 11th 2005]We were coming home from Ramstein Airforce Base on the 6 going towards the 62, well I was listening to my son talking about something and turned back to look at him real quick and zoomed pass our exit to 62. I was now heading towards PARIS, lol. We drove maybe 7 miles and I took a detour. Into a little town. The streets are lined with trees and have mountains behind them full of trees. I felt like I was home driving up to visit my mother. The drive to her house is awesome. Full of trees, mountains. It is so peaceful and GREEN. Well we found a cute little church, a park and what looks like a nice Sunday drive for daddy and I to take when he gets out of the field. Babe if you read this, I found somewhere we can go when you get home. And also honey I found in Freisen a wonderful place to take the kids. Where we can have some picnics and hikes. They LOVED it. We are going back tomorrow as we only had about 15 mins to explore. But def a family spot for us to go. It also has a little lake so the kids can swim. Only about 15 minutes from us too ;)
Anyway, the little detour turned out to be okay. I do not mind getting lost in Europe as long as I have a full tank of gas, which we did and a map, which we did and it is still a couple of sunlight left which there was. Hone you know you hate being lost, but we really have to start doing what Torres does and just get in the car and go.......
The whole purpose of me going shopping this afternoon was to buy some baskets for my hubby's soldier who had her baby, which I did buy. A beautiful one. I will be giving it to her tomorrow. And I also picked up for Wil's wife.
Okay that is about all. I had to share my getting lost story. If we would have gotten lost a lot sooner in the day then I would of just continued on till we hit Sarrbrucken, but it was 7:45 when this happened and did not want to get lost in the dark. But we will make it there before too long.
Have a super day babe if you read this tomorrow. I know you have been really busy teaching classes and training. I love and miss you. And I love it when you call me through out the day to just say you love me. I miss hearing you say that to me so often. I have become use to it. Thanks, help me get through the day. Those calls and ALL your e-mails-wink wink ;)
Hugs and Prayers

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