September 17, 2012

Miranda was asked to be a youth sponsor...

[back dated May 18th 2005]If we are here for the next school year our eldest daughter was asked to participate in the Child and Youth Services Sponsorship Program for teens. They have asked her because she holds all the characters they are looking for in a youth sponsor which were being positive, having a friendly attitude, good verbal skills and leadership skills.
Thought I would share as it seems like our eldest is being recognized left and right. And both her dad and I are extremely proud of her. She was very excited to share this with me, so I know she is proud of herself. She LOVES school.
Thanks for letting me share.
This gives her something to do next year, help another student. Looks like she is following my lead and wanting to help people. Awesome.
We really need to work on our sponsorship program here in Germany. Both with the teens coming and the soldiers and their families. It really is lacking in that department.
Hugs and Prayers
Proud Mom sharing ;)

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