September 17, 2012

It has begun here in Germany also....

[back dated May 22nd 2005]Star Wars Episode III is out here in Germany the SAME time that is/was released in the states. This is a first for Germany. We never get the movies here the same time they are released in the states. In anticipation of this movie I expected the line to be long and the movie to always be packed.
Of course for two days now we have been attempting to go watch it but having no luck. Today we went to get to the movies and be in line by 5:45.
We hit the Power Zone in Volgelweh for a bit to pass time. I let the kids get some things and Randa and I were looking at a new computer. Not that the one we have is awful. Just time for a new one. We have thousands of pictures and graphics on our computer and we need another one. So we  found one we both liked and I got it. I also needed to grab my girlfriend's son a birthday present for his birthday party tomorrow. Took my son back to the toys and asked him what he wanted to get his friend. He wanted Yug-io cards for his friend, but I was not sure if his friend already had them. I told my son let me call Jenn and ask her and then we will buy them at our Power Zone. He was not having that. He started marching in place and screaming at me. I said you need to calm down son. We are going to buy these for your friend. I want to make sure that he doesn't have these already. He said NO and refused to leave the aisle with me.
I headed up towards the check out without him. He came running up crying. Then proceeded to tell me give my gameboy and game and my cards. I said NO not until we get to the car. Either he needed a nap or he is missing daddy way too much because he said I am not waiting till we get to the stupid car. Give um to me....
It ended up with me carrying him out to the car screaming and kicking and then refusing to let me put his seat belt on him. Unless I gave him the things I just purchased. I said NO. You will be going home now and sitting on your bed. You will not get anything to play with or read or do. You are going to sit on your bed and see what it is like to have NOTHING. There are a lot of kids out there that do not have half the games and toys you do and would LOVE to have them. When we get home you will sit on your bed and think about how your acting right now. I also said we will not go see Star Wars. That really sent him into a furry.
You know I am always out shopping all the time. I see and hear moms in the store saying to their little 2-3-4-5 years old you better sit down and shut your God Damn mouth before I spank you. Or they say do you want me to give you a spanking. I knew my son needed to leave the store and we did. I would never tell him to shut his mouth and spank him. Kids his age hate shopping and I know this. That is why we are in and out. I don't spend long leisure hours browsing through items. I go in get what we came for and get out. I think this month has dragged on too long for him. He really wants daddy home. I know he is at his breaking point this last week till daddy is home. But I really wanted to see Star Wars tonight.
My gf had to cancel and then I just couldn't see myself taking the kids to a fun movie they wanted to see after the shopping horror in the Power Zone. I guess this is sign to wait for my soldier to get home and then go see it with him.
So babe, we will wait for you. Not try to go see it without you. It seems I just can't make this happen unless you are here with me.
Coming out of the Power Zone at 5:10 there was already a HUGE line wrapping onto the sidewalk. We would of been standing in the rain for an hour and half waiting to see Star Wars. I would of waited to. We had umbrella's in the car and jackets. Instead we came home and you betcha when we got home my son was on his bed doing nothing.
I guess since daddy will be home next week we will wait and see it with him. Go see it on a Sunday when there is nothing open on the German economy. Plus I think it is better we wait for daddy. I remember when our daughter was in 3rd grade and we pulled her out of school so she could go with us to Episode II. We love love love the Star Wars movies. Our family our huge fans.
I even went to our BK and spent 45 bucks on the little kids toys for the happy meals. We did not even get all the Star Wars toys. Lots of trips to BK for you baby when you get home. Lunch time you will have to grab the kids whatever new Star Wars toys they have out.
Okay so needless to say seeing Star Wars is not going to happen till daddy is home =)
Tomorrow we have Toby Keith coming here. There was a huge group of us going together. However the weather here is calling for rain and lots of it. It does not bother me to be out in the rain. But the women going it did bother. I am from Wa where we do EVERYTHING in the rain, lol. Everyone canceled. I did not really want to go alone with just the kids and I. We will not be going tomorrow either liked we planned.
Now my gf is having a small party for her son. We will go over there and hang out. Going to miss seeing Toby but will be nice spending the afternoon with her and the kids like we would of at the concert.
Called my soldier and he said he will be home one day later then what I had been thinking. One more day is to long to wait. But I am just glad we are on a countdown now. We are so VERY close to seeing him. Got to get through this week, which is hard but will get through it. Then soak up every minute and second with him when he gets back. Woohoo, I can't wait babe to just sit here and hold your hand while we watch a movie or TV and then glance over at you and see you smile at me and tell me you love me. I really miss hearing that so much. You spoil me babe, I think sometimes to much. But you know I can never get enough of hearing you tell me you love me. Sounds just as beautiful as it did 8 years ago. Still melts my heart.
Coming home today I drove past FOUR more people leaving our housing area and having their household goods packed up and shipped. I drive by and whisper every time I see someone leaving please Lord let that be us next month. Please please please.
Okay I off to bed. I had a very long day. I love my kids to death but when daddy is away the last leg before he comes home is the hardest for me. I have so much patience and feel I am very understanding and loving. I swear though sometimes I really am at a lost for things to do with the kids when they act the way my son did today in the store.
Thank GOD we are at the end of this field time.
Babe we miss you something awful here. Counting the days till we see your loving smiling face.
Hugs and Prayers

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