May 12, 2010

S-P-E-L-L it

Had the pleasure to sit and watch my son compete in this years Wetzel Wizards Spelling Bee. He was the representative for his 4th grade class. He ended up winning his grade level. Then they moved on to an overall competition with the finalists from each grade. It came down to my son and another boy. The word is RELEVANT, my son repeats the word RELEVANT then proceeds to spell it REV and the look on my son's face said it all. He knew he spelled the word wrong. He corrected himself and then spelled out RELEVANT and they said incorrect. Because they take the first part of the word when you start to spell it and if you start over they count what you began to spell rather than the second spelling you give them and they tell you that is incorrect. He was crushed. When it was over I gave him a huge hug because he was crying and told him he you did an awesome job. He did say "mom there's always next year"! He was awarded a medal, a trophy and a certificate. They also had a little celebration afterward for the kids with some bakes goods and punch. My daughter Emily also received an award. Hers was for being the alternate in case the runner up couldn't make it. I have a feeling next year she'll be competing.

Very proud of my kids. Looks like next year we could have a sibling battle for Spelling Bee Champ!

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