September 20, 2012

Man It's Been Along Time

[back dated Feb 21st 2006]Since I have blogged on this site. It feels like a long lost friend. I started blogging on Yahoo 360' and have been daily. People have been sending me an emails asking me when I was going to post something here, as they have been following it and wanted an update. So for you guys here it is!
We have now been in Hawaii 7 months. And so far so good. I have only one complaint and that is the schools here. They are not so great. Actually they are horrid. Unless you put your child in private or home school you can count on them getting a pretty shitty education. Thank goodness for outside helps with keeping our teenager on track for college ;-}

My soldier has enrolled in school. He has been going since Sept. He working on getting his teaching degree. A program called Troops to Teachers. Which is an accelerated program. Good thing for him. And since he has decided to go Warrant, he is working on his packet as I type. If he gets picked up then he will soon be off to WO school for 6 weeks. And once finished with his schooling, he will go commissioned officer. And I am hoping and praying we get to finish off his career in Wa, State at Lewis. I am desperate to buy a home and be settled. And we will do that once at Lewis. Thank goodness for the VA vouchers. That is going to let us be able to buy a home and afford rent. I CAN'T wait. Good luck babe. You know I support you in anything you do, 110%! I always got your back.

A side note to all this schooling and WO packet stuff. My soldier is considering volunteering to go Iraq this summer. I am not sure yet what he decision is. I am waiting. But he let me know he is thinking of going. I do not want him to go if he does not have to. But something is making him want to volunteer to go and I am not sure what that is, YET! I will get to the bottom of it once we have our date night and talk everything out for the past two weeks.

Baseball season is starting here soon. Both our teen and our son will be playing this year. My daughter is so excited to be playing again. She had to miss out in Germany, due to not having enough 12/13 years old. Pretty crappy but what can you do. So this year she will play. I can't wait. I LOVE watching her play, she is pretty good if I do say so myself. Plus out little guy is playing again this year. He will play every year till he graduates. LMAO. I hope at least. Baseball and basketball. Maybe soccer. I dunno yet. He hasn't found his calling. He will though.

With school starting up here in July, this means the kids will only get a little less then a month off for summer. Man that is so short. Then all three children will be in school. And I am heading back too-woohoo.
Not too much really going on here, military wise. My soldier is loving his new unit, the base the people he works with and for. The frg is WONDERFUL. Just keep your fingers crossed for WO school for my soldier. That will make FANTASTIC things happen for us. I will update this blog as things progress with either Iraq or school.

Aloha from the rainbow state.

PS- thanks for all your emails asking me to update this. I know I have neglected it and I will try my hardest to at least send out a weekly update.

Prayers for our troops still deployed in Iraq/Kuwait!

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