September 20, 2012

Missing My Hubby...

[back dated March 17th 2006]Okay where do I begin. I guess missing my hubby. He has been working non-stop to get the shop office up and running. Even started working late late into the AM. So now we are not seeing one another as much as we weren't before. Which was very little do to school. It is like good morning honey, kiss and out the door. Then it is like 4 days before I sit down and actually get to have a conversation longer than 5 minutes. I totally get him going to school. To further his career in the military or get out of the military and start teaching. But man these hours he is pulling at work, man they are crazy. My baby is sleep deprived. Pulling these late nights. Now I know I do not have it as bad as some wives. Their soldiers are deployed and fighting in Iraq and they could not see them again. And I am super grateful I have mine home(for the time being). But I am really missing my hubby. He is my best friend, and makes me laugh. 

I miss him coming home and us talking for awhile about our days and sitting down to dinner and everyone talking about their days. And of course I miss the most our cuddle time at night and the late night chats we have in bed. That is my favorite time. Oh well just another day in the life of an army wife. It seems like we are always giving somewhere. If it is not being away from our soldier then it is something else. Will this madness ever end. I do not see that happening anytime soon. if I am already this lonely with him here(sorta) I know for sure I am going to be an emotional wreck once he finally deploys. And "yes" I have good friends here that I know I will be using as crutches but that is only the surface band aid to the pain. The pain will go much deeper than a get together with my girls for coffee and muffins and a scrap. Thank goodness for this live journal. I will be a blogging fool late at night when my thoughts will be racing about my soldier. The time at night when you have the kids settled into bed. When nobody is online chatting with any longer. When the house is quiet and BOOM thoughts about your soldier come rushing through your mind. Those are the nights I will be pouring my heart and soul into this blog. Which BTW is not something I am looking forward to.
Okay I am getting a little sad. So I am changing subjects. 

If you are at all following me on my Yahoo 360' blog then you know about my eldest daughter getting nominated for student government for her 9th grade year. Well I am happy to report out of the 8 people nominated my daughter and one other girl were the only ones that made through the application process. And getting enough signatures from students to run. So it looks like we will have a President orVice President of the 9th grade living in our house next year. Woot Woot!!!! Way to go daughter ;-) Go in and take names and make the school the best it can be.

Alright I wanted to main get off my chest the missing my hubby.  It is MARCH MADNESS in our house! And let me say Gonzaga won the other night, and they are my hometown school. And of course my pick. Go Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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